Wire/Cable Guider Steel Fish Tape

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Wire/cable Guider Steel Fish Tape


Fish tape apply Nylon /ABS case fastened material and heat treated spring steel . can reuse and carry conveniently.
handle designed tender and no angle to protect your hand when use.

Spring Steel wire size : 3.0mmx1.3mm/3.2mmx1.6mm
Material of handle:ABS
Material of casing:ABS
Material of steel wire: spring wire
safe load:350kgs breaking strength: 350kgs


Fish tape Specifications:

* High strength steel fish tape are stiff for long runs and are great for heavy duty wire puller

* Laser marked tape every feet, to see the amount of tape used

* high impact-resistant case
* improved structure for smooth and easy operation
* various materials of tape are available, carbon steel or stainless steel or fiberglass or nylon
steel fish tape pictures: fish tape 3 fish tape 4 fish tape 5 fish tape 6
fish tape 7
fish tape 8

What’s special about this fish tape?

-Durable 1/8” steel fish tape provides installers with a compact easy-to-use solution for pulling and installing cable in conduit

-Laser-etched depth markings measure conduit lengths for you, eliminating the need for an additional measuring tape

-Flat steel construction allows longer lengths of steel to be coiled neatly inside the compact, protective case

-Internal ring design prevents the pull tape from kinking or snagging while being rewound.


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