Stainless steel cable pulling socks

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Cable pulling socks are also referred to as cable stockings or cable grips. This is the most efficient equipment to use when pulling cable in trenches, ducts or buildings. Socks are manufactured from high tensile galvanised steel and are available in single eye, double eye or lace up derivatives. All socks can also be supplied in stainless steel and kevlar. We carry stock of the double eye high tensile galvanised steel covering the range of 6 mm outside diameter to 115 mm outside diameter.

product_282_image_533_bigCABLE SOCK


Product codeCable diameter WeaveLattice lengthOverall length Breaktones
ST216mm-13mmsingle230mm305mm0.75 TON
ST2213mm-19mmsingle355mm430mm1.00 TON
ST2319mm-25mmsingle405mm510mm2.50 TON
ST2425mm-38mmsingle455mm610mm3.50 TON
ST2538mm-50mmdouble535mm735mm5.00 TON
ST2650mm-63mmdouble610mm865mm5.00 TON
ST2763mm-89mmdouble685mm990mm6.00 TON
ST2889mm-115mmdouble685mm990mm7.00 TON

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