Red Aircraft Warning Sphere

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The Aircraft Warning Sphere is designed to make overhead power lines visible to low flying aircraft and provides an economic means of reducing the hazard to both the power lines and aircraft.

The Aircraft Warning Sphere is available in three colours, white, orange and yellow and four different sizes, 229mm, 508mm, 610mm and 915mm.

The Retaining Rods are manufactured from the material necessary to ensure compatibility with the conductor.

The Sphere is manufactured from Fiberglass with enhanced colour retention.

The bottom half of the Sphere is located on the conductor by application of a PLP (GB) Ltd rod on each end of the sphere. Top half is then positioned and remaining two rods applied to lock the Sphere on to conductor.

It is essential when ordering Aircraft Warning Spheres to provide conductor diameter and construction, Sphere size and colour.

Red Aircraft Warning Sphere pictures:Red Aircraft Warning Sphere 8 Red Aircraft Warning Sphere 9

Package and shipment:

AIRCRAFT WARNING SPHERE 5Red Aircraft Warning Sphere 10


  • High-rise Power transmission Lines
  • High slung Cable-car lines
  • Ropeway cables
  • Guy Wires

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