OPGW spherical warning ball

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We Sinta offer superior quality safety marking sphere and conductor marking sphere that provides accurate result for identification of wires and their capacitance. Light in weight, these spheres are moulded in glass fiber reinforced polyester resin that ensures longer service life.

OPGW Spherical Warning Ball

Mechanical structure
Color Orange, Red, White, Orange/White, Red/White
Sphere body FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester)
Cable clamp Aluminum alloy
Bolts/nuts/washers Stainless steel 304
Diameter 400mm / 600mm/ 800mm
Weight 5kg/6.9KG / 9.0KG
Thickness 2.5mm
Drain holes Yes
Optional • Preformed Armor Rods
• Reflective Strip
Warranty 1 Year


Spherical Warning Ball Features:

  • Very light but strong moulded in Glass fiber reinforced polyester resin.
  • Super corrosion resistant character, stainless steel bolts and nuts
  • Aluminium alloy clamps to match the exact size the wire.
  • Available in Two halves for easy fixing on existing installations.
  • UV stabilized colours dissolved in resin used while moulding, ensures against color fading.
  • Polyurethane over coat increases color fastness and longer life.
  • Drain holes are provided for exist of rain water.
  • Available in completely Red / Orange or White colour.
  • Various size of cable clamps are available to fit for customers’ cable conductor
  • Stacking compatible design, save storage space and freight charge
  • Optional Preformed Armor Rods provide better protection against vibration and abrasion
  • Optional Reflective tape is more durable and economical solution for night visibility
  • Both sphere diameters of 600mm and 800mm are available

Application of spherical warning ball:

  • Application for frp colored Obstruction Marking Sphere
  • High-rise Power transmission Lines
  • High slung Cable-car lines
  • Ropeway cables
  • Guy Wires

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Spherical warning ball Installation:

  • Designed for cable mountings through machined to size clamps.
  • Installation convenience also ensured because of split-design (available in two halves)

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