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Nylon Cable Roller is widely used in engineering machinery, electric power, petroleum, mining, coal, metallurgy, paper making, construction, port, cable and other industries, cable tunnels show exhibition place or on the ground put the extension cable and wire release, the product is divided into single-round and three, non-fragile cables.

nylon cable roller 1


Model Outside diamerter*rollers width Rated Load Weight(kg)
Nylon Aluminum (MM) (KN) Nylon Aluminum
DN00 DA00 80*50 5 1.4 1.9
DN01 DA01 120*30 5 1.6 2.1
DN02 DA02 160*40 10 2.0 2.5
DN03 DA03 120*58 20 2.1 2.6

nylon cable roller 2


nylon cable roller 3

Other design of Cable Roller:

nylon cable roller 4

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