Large Duct Rodder

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Fiberglass duct rodder

is selected as a special tool for pulling electric cables and optical fiber cables in electric, power industries, buildings and many other fields. The rod is made of fiberglass and high strength resin at high temperature, it is coated by high density polyethylene engineering plastic as its protected layer, which makes the duct rodder cover sliding on surface, durable, corrosion resistant and has good insulation performance, these make it safe for using in cable occupied duct. Along with pull head and handcart, it features easy to move and operate. The fiberglass duct rodder will be equipped with different size of reels in accordance with the length of the rod, there are wheels on the reel to make it convenient for moving, it is an ideal tool for laying cables.

large duct rodder

Technical Data and Specification:

Specification Rod Diameter (mm) 9-11mm
Rod Length (m) 30m-500m
Frame Spec.(mm) 1300*1100*1100, etc.
Wheel Diameter(mm) 1100mm
Wall thickness of Metal Frame 2.2mm
Color Blue, yellow, red, white,black, orange etc




Rod Inner Extruded by fiber glass and high strength resin at high temperature
Rod Outer High Density polyethylene coating
Iron Frame Steel with high temperature sprayed plastic or Spray coating
Wheel wood
Brake Yes
Drawing head Copper
Physical Characters Density 1.8
Working temperature -40°C to +80°C
Breaking tension 500kgs
Bending diameter 1300mm
Technology Pultrusion
Packaging Inside Plastic woven strip wrapped the frame

Accessories for the large duct rodder:

large duct rodder 1 large duct rodder 2

Finished products:

large duct rodder 3


large duct rodder 4

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