Aluminum Alloy Cable Roller

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Aluminum Alloy Cable Roller (Cable pulley) widely used for the cable laying contractor, utility and electricity supply industry – this includes straight cable rollers, corner cable rollers, triple cable rollers and specialist cable rollers for pulling underground cables into trenches . Cable rollers should always be used when pulling cables.

Straight cable runs are pulled in using straight cable rollers suitably placed in the cable trench to prevent the cable being dragged on the trench bottom or in mud – cable roller spacing is dependent on cable type being laid and the cable pulling tension along the route. Leading cable rollers are used to support the cable over the entire drum width immediately before being pulled into the trench.



Model Wheel size Diameter x Width


Conductor size


Rated load




Wheel material
120X30 120×30 25~70 5 2.1 Aluminum
160X40 160X40 95~120 10 3.1
200X40 200X40 150~240 15 3.7
200X60 200X60 150~240 15 4.1
250X40 250X40 150~240 20 5.1
250X60 250X60 300~400 20 5.4
270X60 270X60 300~400 20 6.7
320X60 320X60 300~400 20 10.4
400X80 400X80 400~500 20 11.9

Aluminum Alloy Cable Roller 1


Aluminum Alloy Cable Roller 2

Other design of Cable Roller:

Aluminum Alloy Cable Roller 3

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