18mm Special Size Duct Rodder

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18mm special size duct rodder 2

Fiberglass special size duct rodders or push pulling rodders and commonly called fiberglass duct rodder its nature passing through under ground ducts by ups, down negotiating the duct curvature thus very convenient to pull the cables , wires inside the duct , also it can be used to locate the duct block or damage portion identifications . it has high safety aspects to use underground applications because of its non conductivity of electricity, sets a major safety to site workers .

It has been built with rigid sturdy steel tubular fabrication for easy usage at site and can be self coiled in the tubular frame and easily roll like trolley on ground by its wheels fitted at bottom .

The ducts rodders normally comes in various diameters from 4.5 mm to 18 mm as per ground applications. The 18mm duct rodder is a special size which is for large diameter tube and cable pole as the push-pull tools


18mm duct rodder specifications:

Specification Rod Diameter (mm) 18mm
Rod Length (m) 30m-500m
Frame Spec.(mm) 1500x450x1500,1500x480x1600,1500x500x1700,

1400x500x1600, etc.

Wheel Diameter(mm) 300mm
Wall thickness of Metal Frame 2.2mm
Color Blue, yellow, red, white,black, orange etc




Rod Inner Extruded by fiber glass and high strength resin at high temperature
Rod Outer High Density polyethylene coating
Iron Frame Steel with high temperature sprayed plastic or Spray coating
Wheel Rubber
Brake Yes
Drawing head Copper
Physical Characters Density 55g/m
Working temperature -40°C to +80°C
Breaking tension 250kg
Bending diameter 1500mm
Technology Pultrusion
Packaging Inside Plastic woven strip wrapped the frame
Outside Carton or pallets


  1. Glass reinforced composite core:general properties
Property value
keinforcement E-glass fiber
glass content of inner part 75-80%
material of pulling rod epoxy fiber glass(inner) high density polyethylene(outer)
density >1.9gr/cm3
diameter tolerance +/-0.10mm
work situation temperature -40°C to +80°C


Mechanical prperties

property value
minimum pullling strength 4000 N+/-5%
tensile modulus >30000Mpa
consistency of rod 150gr/m +/-5%
flexural modulus >30000M pa
elongation at break 2.5-3%


  1. Polyethylene cover
property value
tensile strength >15N/mm2
environmental stress & crack resistance >1000 hr.
heat stability OK.
carbon black OK.


Sinta 18mm duct rodder has the following advantages:

  1. strong non-conductive fiberglass rod construction
    3. For longer conduit runs and underground duct
    4. Rugged tubular steel reel with adjustable brake position.
    5. Feed device allows rod to feed out or be wound back onto reel with easy push or pull of rod.
  2. Yellow or white color for easy to visible.


18mm special size duct rodder 1


1.constructed of fiberglass reinforced in the center and consists of a rugged plastic layer that would ensure the lifetime of the flexible rod.

2.Excellent flexibility force.

3.Tensile strength about 500 KGF.

4.designed for heavy duty applications ensuring greater rigidity and strength, while supporting additional forces without resentment to the multiple curvatures.

5.Wheel assembly for easy transportation.

6.Guide rollers and the right parts for rotary coupling.

  • Rolling bearing cage flotation (reel transport) for mobility should be light and easy to use in the field, including a parking brake for the flexible rod.

7.There is copper wire inside the rod for tracing easily.

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