10mm x 200m Red Fiberglass Cable Rod

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10mm x 200m Red Fiberglass Cable Rod

A high quality fiberglass rod specially use for constructions to provide high tensile strenghs, duct rodder/rods is filled 85% of fiberglass core is reinforced with high strength resin. Braided reinforcing wrap construction is add most duct/conduit, the surface of duct rodders/rods is soothly, applied in pulling the cable or cable tools.

The Fiberglass duct rod type: 3/16′ 1/4′ 3/8′ 7/16′ 1/2′ 9/16′ 5/8′ 11/16′ 3/4′ (Dia from 4.5mm to 16mm)

The longth of fiberglass rod from 500 feet to 1200feet.


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Cable rod features

  1. strong non-conductive fiberglass rod construction
  2. stainless steel drawing head
  3. for longer conduit runs and underground duct
  4. Rugged tubular steel reel with adjustable position.
  5. Feed device allows rod to feed out or be wound back onto reel with easy pushi or pull of rod.
  6. Duct rods/duct rodders have Many applications, not only pulling the cable but also pulling electric tools, and it repair is very easy, and available
Glass fiber rod diameter 3/16′ 1/4′ 3/8′ 7/16′ 1/2′ 9/16′ 5/8′ 11/16′ 3/4′
Length 10-500m
Working temperature -40 ~ +80
Min Bend Radius 390mm
Breaking tension 4000-9000kg
Glassfiber density 150g/m

Accessories of fiberglass cable rod:




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